Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleanings are a very important part of oral hygiene. The activity which ideally should take place after every six months should be everybody’s responsibility. Stubborn stains can always easily settle on one’s enamel making it difficult to have healthy and clean teeth. In order to be safe from such formations, dentists advise that people should practice brushing their teeth at least twice a day. Prophylaxis is the process of a professional teeth cleaning by a dentist. It is necessary to have your teeth professionally cleaned so as to get rid of tartar and plaque. Tartar is used to refer to the stubborn tooth stains that cannot be removed by ordinary tooth brushing. Most experienced dentists prefer breaking the tartar into smaller segments using ultrasonic vibrations and then finally removing them. The vibrations regulate the mouth temperature as well as washing off the food remains settled on the teeth. Using a soft cup made of rubber material, the dentist cleans and polishes the teeth using the spinning end of the rubber cup. The final procedure is always to strengthen the teeth through the application of fluoride gel on the surface. This way, your teeth stay strong, healthy and clean until the next teeth cleaning is performed.