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Standard Medical Clinic - Dubai Dentists

Standard Medical Clinic

With a glamorous eleven years of service, the Standard Medical Clinic has grown to offer dental services ranging from very simple issues to very complicated ones. This is made possible by the heavy presence of professionals, who engage their skills and expertise to offer excellent services to the clientele. To complement the doctors’ full certification, the facility prides itself in the use of up to date medical equipment, which allow them to handle all manner of dental related issues. Some of these paraphernalia include ultrasounds for surgery, intra-oral x-rays that are digital, as well as dental units. Even in the midst of this, the team at the facility remains fully cognizant of the emerging trends in the industry, by undertaking relevant courses and training sessions. The facility also upholds high levels of sanitation, within its compound as well as in sterilizing the apparatus engaged in the daily operations. So determined to keep the clients happy and satisfied are they, that in the end it is the patients who carry the good news of their services to those they encounter. The norm is to engage the patients in free interactions throughout the checkup process. Standard Medical Clinic is located in Dubai , near Umm Suqeim Park.

+971 43281112

Opening Hours

Mon  9:00 –   6:00pm
Tue  9:00 –   6:00pm
Wed  9:00 –   6:00pm
Thu  9:00 –   6:00pm
Sat  9:00 –   6:00pm
Sun  9:00 –   6:00pm



Standard Medical Clinic

Villa No. 1274

Dubai 2542

United Arab Emirates