Specialized Medical and dental Centre

Established about two years ago, in August 2011, in Dubai. Specialized Medical and dental Centre (SMDC), has grown beyond boundaries to serve a multitude of customers from far and near, regardless of age, gender or nationality. To achieve their great ambition in curbing dental problems among children and adults, Specialized Medical and Dental Center has seen its services supported by the latest technologies and treatments in discharging their duties. In addition, the clinic boasts of an honorable team of men and women of high academic standings, as well as years of active service around the globe. These professionals equally enjoy association with institutions like Jordanian Dental Association and The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, in which teaching and training in various genres of dentistry was achieved. Patients looking for either general dentistry or cosmetic surgery have often benefited from SMDC. Other areas of specialization at the facility include Root Canal Treatment, Dental Jewelries, Gummy Smile Treatment and Smile Analysis as well as Smile Makeover. Other beneficiaries include those with teeth decays for restorative treatment, minor surgeries and composite fillings. The friendly experience at Specialized Medical and Dental Center leaves their clients with a dazzling smile and boosted self-confidence.

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Opening Hours

Mon  9:00 –   9:00pm
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Smdc Specialized Medical&dental; Centre

Sheikh Hamdan Award Complex,B-Block1st Floor Room 118

Dubai 191920

United Arab Emirates