Shamma Dental Clinic

With a radius of about 7 kilometers from Sharjah Center, Shamma Dental Clinic specializes in various aspects of dental health care, making their clients enjoy being served for their different needs under one roof.
Patients visiting with Shamma Dental Clinic will most definitely receive medication or consult over matters to do with dental examination, oral surgery, general and cosmetic surgery, as well as dental public health. Other services on the way of their customers are dental restorations and dentures, preventive and restorative dentistry, pediatric dentist and implants dentist consultations.
The team of medical and dental doctors working at the facility is well trained to offer the above mentioned services, up to and beyond the expectation of their short and long term customers.
In addition, the clinic’s premises are designed such that there is sufficient space for parking, for all the people at all times, including on-site pharmacy and patient bathroom.
The insurance cover operational at Shamma Dental Clinic is the Private Patients Welcome.
+971 65531080

Opening Hours

Mon  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Tue  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Wed  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Thu  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Sat  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Sun  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm

Shamma Dental Clinic

Jamal Abdul Naser Street-Almajaz

SharjahUnited Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates