Pregnancy dentistry

Pregnancy is a critical moment in a woman’s life making her dental needs are very different from other patients’. With a very sensitize hormonal and metabolism process, a pregnant woman needs to be handled with care lest she suffers as a result of the drugs or chemicals used on her during the dental care process. This justifies the existence of a special branch of care that deals specifically with pregnant women. That is the pregnancy dentistry. For instance, with other patients, dentists are fond of using the X-rays when treating certain forms of dental diseases, something which cannot be used on pregnant women. Also prohibited is the use of any kind of anesthetics since it can cause complications to the mother to be and the unborn child. Pregnant mothers should totally avoid all forms of ornamental dental services such as teeth elective treatments and teeth whitening until after the birth of their child. As much as measures can be put in place to protect the child from harm during dental procedures, the safety is never 100% guaranteed. Pregnant women are therefore advised to refrain from dental procedures. Recent studies have shown that infants born with gum diseases might be as a result of preterm births.