Noa Dental Clinic

Noa Dental clinic provides you with the experience that will help you forget about all the pains altogether. To spare patients from the trouble of having to endure the fears and the pains that come with visiting a dentist, your stay at the facility is cushioned by neck pillows as well as blankets. On top of that the patients get an opportunity for sound therapy, including a television set to watch various programs, and better still a chance to listen to one’s musical selection. By all means, the clinic remains focused on rendering the best of the services by all the international standards. This has seen the facility bring on board the expertise of various medical professionals, whose broad experience covers many countries as well as many years of practice. The training and the certification processes undergone through vast seminars and conferences are a wonderful ingredient to customers’ satisfaction. The team is therefore well equipped to address various dental issues like root canal treatment, dentures and crowns, whitening of teeth and gum related disorders. Noa Dental Clinic i located in center of Dubai.

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Opening Hours

Mon11:00 –   8:00pm
Tue11:00 –   8:00pm
Wed11:00 –   8:00pm
Thu11:00 –   8:00pm
Sat11:00 –   8:00pm
Sun11:00 –   8:00pm



Noa Dental Clinic

Al Hana Centre (near Trade Centre Roundabout), Mankhool Road


United Arab Emirates


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Free initial consultation – During promotions