Mouaffaq Bright Teeth Clinic

Mouaffaq Bright Teeth Clinic features among the very top in the region. The clinic is renowned for adopting the latest developments in the world of technology, allowing it to be well placed to command authority in discharging its duties. As such, the welfare of the patient is given great attention, ranging from physical safety to general satisfaction. The entire process is so soothing that patients undergo a relaxation that supersedes the otherwise painful experience.
In the flourishing city of Dubai, the clinic is advantageously situated, to the ease of access by both workers and patients. Here, there are great opportunities as well to enjoy life, especially from the nature point of view and the great towers in the vicinity.
Gazing at all the beauty of the city and its environs are the breathtaking moments that patients enjoy as they undergo the medical routines for their dental concerns. In light of this, the customers will not only forget about their physical pain, but also enjoy the peace of soul and mind that comes with such viewpoints.
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Mon  9:30 –   8:00pm
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Mouaffaq Bright Teeth Clinic

Sheikh Zayed Road


United Arab Emirates
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