Metal-free crowns


Teeth can be damaged as a result of trauma or dental diseases resulting in the depletion or the decay of the teeth. However, all hope should not be lost. Thanks to the availability of crowns. Crowns can restructure and strengthen the teeth once again. They make decayed teeth function just as normal teeth. This is because they protect the teeth from any harm by fitting firmly on the teeth hence covering them. Today, crowns are made using porcelain material. This is due to the numerous complaints from the patients regarding the challenges of managing metallic crowns. Whereas porcelain made crowns are much more comfortable, they are relatively more expensive as compared to the metal ones. The market is flooded with biocompatible porcelain crowns that contain a variety of supplements that aim at enhancing the patient’s comfort. The much stronger crowns come with warranties of up to five years. Patients are advised to use the non metallic crowns since they are easier to handle and they are also very comfortable to wear. Oral health is enhanced by keeping safe oral hygiene practices and by visiting the dentist regularly. This way, your teeth will stay healthier for longer.