Several people visit the dentist purposefully for tooth-filling. The process involves the filling of a broken tooth with alloys, porcelain or even gold. The general outlook of the tooth is regained through the fillings. A person can lose a part of his tooth due to some unforeseen events such as accidents. Nonetheless, should the damage be relatively gross then the crown procedure is normally deemed appropriate. However, the complicated crown procedure takes much longer than the filling process. In modern days, the silver amalgam which is a compound made from silver, tin, zinc and copper and even sometimes mercury is used in the process of filling. This filling is done at a reasonable price and it is recommended for those who would like to do the amalgam filling. The disadvantage of the filling process is that they do not have an appealing outlook hence they can jeopardize the aesthetics of the teeth. The worst is that sometimes, the teeth can break such that you end up having an infected jaw bone. They are also less durable as compared to the metal ones. The most non-invasive and aesthetic filings are the composite resin fillings. They provide perfect bonding of the teeth. Their downside is that unlike metal fillings, they get chipped much sooner.