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FAQs - Dubai Dentists


Why should I trust a dental studio recommended by your page?

Our policy is that we only work with experienced and competent professionals, since your health, safety and satisfaction with dental services is most important to us. One of the major advantages of choosing a dentist in Dubai is that you can pick among top class dentist from all the countries of the world. All of our dentist have a professional license issued by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) which certifies their quality. DHA has very strict regulations in order to maintain a good reputation of city’s healthcare services.

Why should I choose Dubai as a dental destination?

Visiting the city as a dental tourist offers so much more than just a professional, custom-tailored dental treatment. Dubai’s dentists are high-quality experts who go an extra mile in their services since they have to work in a competitive environment where the best and brightest from all around the world offer their services in luxurious dental studios. Additionally, it is a true destination where you can enjoy a holiday of your dreams among breath-taking wonders of nature and human ingenuity.

What materials are used in dental treatments done in Dubai?

The cutting edge materials in dentistry, such as porcelain, ceramic and composite materials are available in Dubai, as in the Western world. The wellbeing of our patients is the most important in our work, and that is why only the best materials and products, approved by WHO, are used in our studios. Through your care plan, you will know in advance exactly which materials will be used and for which particular purposes in your dental treatments.

How long does dental treatment take?

After you contact a dentist through our website, you will start to communicate with them about the state of your teeth and gums. They might ask you to perform an X-ray and bring it to Dubai with you upon your first visit, or you can take the X-ray on site. All your previous documentation and history of disease will be helpful for our dentist to determine which treatments you need and to develop your care plan. The individual care plan is developed for each patient, and through that plan you will be informed exactly how long the preparation, the treatment and recovery period will last. Some treatments, such as teeth whitening require only one 1-hour long visit to the dentist, while prosthetics and dental implants require at least two visits.

What are the hygienic and professional standards in your clinics?

Our studios guarantee the highest professional standards in dentistry hygiene. All the consumables used, such as masks and gloves, are disposable and never re-used. All the dental instruments are regularly sterilized in accordance with internationally approved standards: washed in an ultrasonic bath or thermal disinfection machine, dried either by sterile cloth or hot air, then sterilized in a heat sterilization unit. Protocols for patient safety that our dentist follow are very strict. After each patient the entire area (the chair and surfaces) are cleaned with a disinfectant, and new, sterile instruments and disposables are used.

What kind of anesthesia is used?

To ensure maximum comfort of our patient, anesthesia is used when needed. Our anesthetics are approved, safe and efficient. However, we only used local anesthesia, so the patients can be conscious during the treatments.

How will I be able to communicate with my dentist and his staff?

Dentist and their staff in Dubai are international by all standards and they speak a variety of languages natively. The official language of business is in fact English, and you will have no problem communicating with your dentist in English. Additionally, you can find dentist speaking French, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, German, Swedish, Russian etc. according to your preferences.

Do I get any guarantees?

At the end of your dental treatments in our clinics, you will receive a guarantee written in English. Guarantee time varies from treatment to treatment, since it depends on materials used and type of intervention performed. Veneers, for example have a shorter life-span than dental crowns, even when they are of the highest quality on the market.

Do I need special documentation for Dubai?

Depending on your nationality different visa requirements might apply. A number of countries do not require vise when travelling to UAE, and an even greater number of countries easily receive visas upon arrival on airport. Most of North American, EU and Far-East countries are included here. For residents of those countries that require visa, the process for visa application is fairly simple and can be completed online. Dubai is a very tourist-friendly destination and they will make sure all the administration runs smoothly for you.

All the information about UAE visa policy you can find on the link below: