Endodontic dentistry is a field of medicine that specializes in the smooth components of the teeth. The very restrictive domain deals specifically with the flexible components inside the teeth or what is commonly referred to as the pulp of the teeth. Endodontic dentists are required to continue with detailed research in this field even after completing their regular dentistry degree program. Endodontic dentistry involves treatments such as root-canal treatment, Endodontic surgery as well as root canal therapy. A patient can consult a normal dentist in the event that a person has a damaged tooth that deems it necessary for a therapy or root canal treatment. An Endodontic dentist only becomes necessary if more that one tooth is damaged. With the failure of the original root canal therapy then a root canal treatment can be performed. This is determined by the dentist. According to procedures for Endodontic treatments, unseen canals or tooth fractures that are not visible via X-rays can just be treated. In this treatment, the adjacent bones to the bone that is infected are treated in the process. The same happens to the root surfaces that are adjacent to the one being treated that might have been damaged too.