Dr. Ramzi Assi Dental Clinic

Established over twenty years ago (since 1990), Dr. Ramzi Assi Dental Clinic enjoys great proximity in Sharjah, and prides itself in being affiliated with great insurance companies. These companies include Royal and SunAlliance, Aetna Life and Casualty Ltd, and Mednet. Others in the list comprise of Aetna Global Benefits as well as Goodhealth.
Services offered at the clinic are numerous. They include cosmetic and general dentistry.  Those clients out to seek endodontic and orthodontic services will surely get attended to at the facility. Dental restorations, family dentistry and emergency dental services also feature in the long list of what they offer their customers.
Dr. Ramzi Assi Dental Clinic enjoys in having premises that are well designed to cater for various categories of patients. Patient bathroom, public transport access, ample parking space, on-site pharmacy and wireless access are just but some of the things that make their clients feel comfortable and well taken care of.
The clinic equally facilitates use of insurance covers like Private Patients Welcome and Dental Plans Accepted.
Communication within the facility is made possible by engaging languages like French, Arabic and English.
Dr. Ramzi Assi Dental Clinic also enjoys being accredited with Health Authority-Abu Dhabi.
+971 65551981

Opening Hours

Mon  9:00 –   1:00pm,   4:00 –   8:00pm
Tue  9:00 –   1:00pm,   4:00 –   8:00pm
Wed  9:00 –   1:00pm,   4:00 –   8:00pm
Thu  9:00 –   1:00pm
Sat  9:00 –   1:00pm,   4:00 –   8:00pm
Sun  9:00 –   1:00pm,   4:00 –   8:00pm

Dr. Ramzi Assi Dental Clinic

King Faisal Street

SharjahSharjah 22618

United Arab Emirates