Dr Hussein Labib Dental Clinic

With seventeen years of existence, Dr Hussein Labib Dental Clinic brings with it great academic qualifications in dealing with a series of dental concerns from the large number of customers visiting the facility from time to time. Dr. Hussein remains truly committed to honor the busy diary, while endeavoring to create room for emergencies that may come his way. The doctor is well versed with the various dental needs at the family level, while nurturing his clients with the necessary dental care tips, in line with the desire to safeguard and sustain a dental stress free society. To complement the proper adequate training, Dr. Hussein Labib enjoys the support of a wonderful team of experts who uphold the highest standards possible towards offering a conducive environment for dental medication. These experts from time to time engage in workshops and seminars, which go a long way in keeping them within the latest trends in dental matters. In addition, the clinic is strategically located with great ease of access within Dubai city. Further, the facility incorporates the usage of modern day technology, to aid in the proper diagnosis of various conditions, as well as in the administration of proper medication.

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Opening Hours

Mon  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Tue  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Wed  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Thu  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Fri  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Sat  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Sun  9:00 –   1:00pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm



Dr Hussein Labib Dental Clinic

Al Riqqa St. Al Hawai Bldg

Dubai 11170- DUBAI

United Arab Emirates

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