Dental Treatments in Dubai

Pregnancy dentistry

Pregnancy is a critical moment in a woman’s life making her dental needs are very different from other patients’. With a very sensitize hormonal and metabolism process, a pregnant woman needs to be handled with care lest she suffers as a result of... more

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentists are professionals that specialize in a child’s oral care from a child’s zero age until adolescence. Since Pediatric Dentistry is a little bit more complicated, the practitioners are required to go through between two and three... more

Dental anxiety management

Most children are normally scared on the news of a visit to a dentist. Their association of a dentist with pain keeps them frightened. This can at times result in some complications during treatment. Dental anxiety management is therefore important... more

Dental laser therapy

Everyone, at one time or the other experiences the formation of wisdom teeth. So, you can relate to the pain experienced during this process. The growth of the wisdom teeth causes great pain to the patient since it usually takes the normal teeth’s... more

Same-day teeth

The time is considerably a valuable commodity nowadays and everyone wants quick and instant services. The same way, dentists have come up with fast dental procedures that can effectively be performed within a single day and the results come out... more

Teeth straightening without braces

One does not necessarily need to use braces for the purposes of teeth alignment and strengthening. Procedures that do not involve the use of braces whatsoever exist and they are just as effective. Patients who would like to use alternative teeth... more

Metal-free crowns

Teeth can be damaged as a result of trauma or dental diseases resulting in the depletion or the decay of the teeth. However, all hope should not be lost. Thanks to the availability of crowns. Crowns can restructure and strengthen the teeth once... more


There are different teeth diseases, each with its different and specific characteristics hence calling for various branches of dentistry. Periodontology is one of the numerous branches of dental medicine. This particular branch of dental medicine is... more

Metal braces

Aligned teeth are an envied sight for most people. If you want to get your teeth aligned at an affordable rate then metal braces are the best way to go. The strong metal braces are widely used for the purposes of tooth alignment and correction. They... more

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces have received a wide recognition and usage in the modern fields of dentistry. This is because they are adored by patients whose intentions are not to have more teeth prominence but just simple and pleasing teeth facades. The treatment... more

Teeth straightening using orthodontic braces

So many people have very haphazard dental orientation that can result to problems in chewing. These people also suffer from low self esteem due to the perceived less aesthetics presented by such teeth. This has resulted in widespread use of... more

Gum disease treatment

As a result of the attention given to the oral cavity, gum diseases normally get ignored leading to very severe infections. The two most common diseases that directly affect the gums are the gingivitis and the Periodontitis. These diseases cause... more

Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleanings are a very important part of oral hygiene. The activity which ideally should take place after every six months should be everybody’s responsibility. Stubborn stains can always easily settle on one’s enamel making it difficult to have... more


Endodontic dentistry is a field of medicine that specializes in the smooth components of the teeth. The very restrictive domain deals specifically with the flexible components inside the teeth or what is commonly referred to as the pulp of the teeth... more

Oral surgery

The best way to solve teeth related problems today is through oral surgery especially with the wide range of teeth complications that people experience. Through intricate surgical procedures and methods, oral surgery can cure various tooth... more

Wisdom teeth removal

People are born with different variations of jaw sizes. There are some whose jaws are usually too small to accommodate the 32 teeth. To such people, the appearance of wisdom teeth, along with the normally congested teeth, is always a headache and a... more

Root canal therapy – devitalization

Root canal therapy is widely used for the removal of the inflamed and necrotized pulp. The procedure is usually performed around the crown and the root of the teeth. Its primary function is for the reduction of the pain experienced by a patient in... more


Several people visit the dentist purposefully for tooth-filling. The process involves the filling of a broken tooth with alloys, porcelain or even gold. The general outlook of the tooth is regained through the fillings. A person can lose a part of... more


In the event that you are missing some teeth, a dental bridge becomes handy. Two crowns support the bridge. They can be used as a compensation for the teeth that are missing. The artificial teeth cover the empty spaces left by the broken teeth.  ... more


Tooth cavity should be dreaded like a plague by anyone who is conscious about their oral health. The cavities are normally a great source of pain to their victims. Cavities on teeth should be dealt with before they greatly damage the tooth. Cavities... more

Dental prosthetics

There is a slight difference between dental implants and prosthetics. The difference is that implants are buried deep inside the jawbone while prosthetics are placed on the surface of the gums. However, they are used for the same purpose that dental... more

Dental implants

Sometimes, a person’s entire tooth can be removed or damaged hence creating a permanent gap. For the purposes of covering the gap, the person gets a dental implant. Dental implants can be so agonizing at times due to the multiple processes that... more


For longevity, durability and additional shine to the teeth, veneers are made using porcelain. The custom made facings are quite thin and are widely used nowadays. They are normally meant to improve the outlook of the teeth and they are fitted... more

Teeth whitening

Nowadays, the market is flooded with teeth whitening kits making them a basic commodity in every household’s shopping list. The truth is that dentists offer better tooth whitening procedures and services that those offered by the teeth whitening... more