Dental prosthetics

There is a slight difference between dental implants and prosthetics. The difference is that implants are buried deep inside the jawbone while prosthetics are placed on the surface of the gums. However, they are used for the same purpose that dental implants are used. One major advantage that the prosthetics have over the dental implants is that they can easily be removed and cleaned. Prosthetics are normally coated on broken teeth regardless of the structure of the bone. For those with missing or broken teeth, it is advisable that you go for the less time consuming prosthetics and not the implants that will take a long process. With it, you can regain the full capacity to chew effectively. The ceramic or plastic made prosthetics are normally more economical and they take a month or so to be fixed. It involves a series of events; the doctor’s diagnosis, a therapy plan, a wax mask is constructed by the dentist to establish the patients’ areas of strength by biting into the mask. This process is not painful like the implants.