Tooth cavity should be dreaded like a plague by anyone who is conscious about their oral health. The cavities are normally a great source of pain to their victims. Cavities on teeth should be dealt with before they greatly damage the tooth. Cavities that have entered the pulp or even the dentin are normally very painful to the patient. The persistent effect of the pain is that one can develop more oral infections that can result in more teeth infected and destroyed. Crows are used to cover the dented and sporadically shaped teeth hence enhancing their general outlook. Damaged or chipped teeth structures are normally as a result of traumas. To minimize the destruction, there are several varieties of crowns that can be used. Gold crowns are the most durable. However, in terms of aesthetics, they are basically outdated these days. The trend tends to favor Porcelain crowns which are considered stable and hypoallergenic, apart from the fact that they are equally very aesthetic. Presently, the most widely used Zircon crowns which are made of zirconium oxide. This is because of their aesthetics and efficiency in protecting the teeth. Zircon crowns share some similarities with the Porcelain crowns