The Clinic

Located in four different strategic spots across the city, Dubai Clinic is known to offer a variety of medical services at different levels as well as numerous dental services. In either case, the facility is deeply committed to observing very high standards of operation, with the general welfare of the patient in mind.
While remaining focused to the comfort of the patients, the clinic sees to it that the costs are within reach for the multitude of their customers. Those that visit the clinic have the opportunity to undergo general examinations for their health as well as general dentistry. In the former, the services range from family planning, physiotherapy, immunization and management of other diseases. With regard to general dentistry, Dubai Clinic sees to it that besides the curative measures they also engage in sensitizing the community members and the patients on preventive measures.
Those already affected in their dental formulas, regardless of their age, enjoy cosmetic surgery and implant dentistry.
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The Clinic

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