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Benefits of coming to Dubai - Dubai Dentists

Benefits of coming to Dubai

Dubai has invested a lot into becoming a Middle East – Western style metropolis. As a capital city of the emirate of the same name, one of the seven emirates comprising United Arab Emirates (UAE), the city originally owed most of its wealth to the oil riches of the Persian Gulf. However, Dubai has today emerged as a cosmopolitan city whose economy is mostly based on luxurious tourism, financial services together with creative and fast developing architecture and real estate. Over 80% of its inhabitants are expatriates, who had arrived to the city mostly from Asian countries and from United Kingdom, totaling together into 200 different nationalities, which makes Dubai a true global city. It has successfully implemented the best practices from all around the world in order to become a cultural and business mecca of the Middle East.

1. A true touristic destination

Today, there are a lot of options for dental tourism, but Dubai is the only top 10 Dental tourism location that is actually centered on tourism. Coming to UAE for dental treatments is bound to be so much more than getting in and out of your dentist office. You will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit one of most beautiful and breath taking cities in the world. Every day spent in the city is a true adventure, where you have a possibility to visit vast Arabian dessert, enjoy the paradise beaches, the stunning architecture and endless possibilities to spend your leisure time, from nature sightseeing, to shopping and many city-based unique experiences.

2. Professional dentists

When going abroad to get your dentist work done, you are always suspicious about the quality of dental work you can expect after crossing so many miles. In Dubai, there is no need for such fears. As a luxurious destination, Emirates had to invest severely into quality of its healthcare system. In 2002 the UAE Government launched the Considering the high competitiveness of the city and high expectations of its residence, most of the dentist in the UAE obtained their medical degrees abroad, in Europe and US. Additionally, many private clinics here emerged as branches of renowned clinics from European and American Universities. There are not many places in the world where you can choose between experts from all the countries and specialties you desire.

3. Ease of access

Although it is located at quite a distance from Europe and US, Dubai has amazing international connections. Since it is a business and touristic hub in Asia, it is easily accessible by plane from every major city from all the continents. Alternatively, you can plan your dental trip to the Emirates as a real holiday and explore many cruising options to the Persian Gulf. One of the best things about this global city is its devotion to tourism, which includes vast travel possibilities.

4. Luxurious treatment

The dental clinics in here reflect the cities other touristic aspects. They are a safe, comfortable haven of professional service. As the entire touristic offer of Dubai is focused on enabling luxurious experience to visitors, the same can be said for dental services. Dental offices are equipped with best edge-cutting technology in dentistry and carefully designed, richly furnished in order to provide customers with most pleasant experience. If you decide to choose your dentist in UAE, you will feel like a movie-star in its modern clinics while professionals take care of your dental health.

5. Price guarantee

Before deciding to go all the way to Dubai in order to visit a dentist, you can get a free price quote for the services you need. The price quote you receive after contacting your dentist of choice is guaranteed, since it is given by experts who will perform your dental treatments in the end. They know what they are doing, and you won’t have to experience unpleasant surprises, regarding both price and the quality. The information we give are precise and accurate. You will also receive a guarantee at the end of your treatment, written in English, with all the information about performed dental services.

6. Dubai’s multi-culturality

One of the best things about Dubai is the fact so many people of different nationalities live there. Usually, when you travel as a dental tourist, you are worried whether the local dentists speak English well enough. Here, English is practically an official language for all the business conducted there, including dentistry. Furthermore, many clinics offer their services in other languages, including German, Arabic, French etc. The city is so devoted to its tourist that you will have no trouble finding a dentist office where employees speak several world languages. You can even specifically choose a clinic run by dentist from your own country, since a lot of dentist in here are actually foreigners!

7. Information transparency

Dubai’s dental clinics are all about making their clients feel as comfortable as possible. One aspect of that effort is being as transparent as possible. When you book one of our dentists here, you will get a quote about the planned dental work. We issue a guarantee that the price won’t change once you arrive on the site. Our dentists are all professionals that wouldn’t consider risking their hard-earned integrity by working schemes, especially since the competition among top-notch dentists is so harsh.

8. Experiencing the city

Finally, visiting Dubai is in more than one sense a once in a lifetime experience. It is one of the fastest growing touristic destinations. It attracts people from all around the world while its man-made wonders are growing in both number and creative beauty. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the wonders of global city while getting your new smile in dental offices of professionals driven by excellence and expertise.