American Academy Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

American Academy Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

Furnished to capacity in various departments, The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in Dubai enjoys the sole recognition by JCIA within Middle East and beyond, for undertaking cosmetic surgery. Of her four departments, the aging unit deals with loss of weight as well as caring for the skin. The patients here enjoy the services of the surgical unit, which is superb with up to date technology. Here, they take care of every form of surgical measures in the theatres, which are equally fitted with spacious admission rooms with a capacity of twenty five beds to cater for all admission cases. The two units are further equipped with a medical SPA which is a 5 star, to enhance their delivery of services. Besides the general needs of the patients as well as cosmetic dentistry, the latest medications in orthodontic are offered in the hospital, which takes place at the five dental chairs. The facility goes on to offer modern medical education services, besides the excellent health care services they offer. As a result of these tremendous achievements over the years, the hospital has received numerous awards, which include three awards in the last year.
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American Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai 505099

United Arab Emirates