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Al Fida Medical Centre - Dubai Dentists

Al Fida Medical Centre

Established nine years ago in Dubai, Al Attar shoping mall , Al Fida Medical Centre boasts of professionals, whose outstanding qualifications and experience acquired over the years goes a long way in meeting their clients at the very point of need.

The team of experts enjoys the usage of high tech facilities, in an effort to deliver the best results possible. With this in mind, they are able to address numerous aspects at the dentistry, some of which include cosmetics as well as root canal, root fillings, dentures construction and gum related diseases.  The facility offers the aforementioned for both the young and the old, including x-ray facilities to establish various issues in the dental formula.
The customers that travel from within and without to seek the services of the hospital draw a lot of satisfaction from the comfortable rates in the charges that come along the top notch treatment.  The patients equally derive pleasure while driving from the plenty space set aside for parking.
Ultimately, their clients enjoy a wide range of dental services that leave them with incredible smiles and the self confidence that comes with white teeth.
In addition to dental matters, Al Fida Medical Centre offers homeopathy treatments: pregnancies, sexual dysfunctions, and other specified medications.
+971 43355357

Opening Hours

Mon  9:00 –   1:30pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Tue  9:00 –   1:30pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Wed  9:00 –   1:30pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Thu  9:00 –   1:30pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Fri  9:00 –   1:30pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Sat  9:00 –   1:30pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm
Sun  9:00 –   1:30pm,   5:00 –   9:00pm



Al Fida Medical Centre


DUBAI 116033

United Arab Emirates