Al Corneiche Dental Center

Priding itself in thirteen years of service to the locals as well as visitors from across the globe, Al Corneiche Dental Center is up to its mandate in the dental world. While making use of properly trained staff and modern day state of the art technology, the clinic delights in giving the patients various offers. These offers come in various forms, including white smile offer and the membership offer, among others. Al Corniche Dental Center remains deeply committed to providing the very much needed services to its clients. These services come in the form of cosmetic dentistry, dental restorations as well as overall dentistry. Coupled with these is dentistry for the family as well as for the children. Al Corneiche Dental Center also offers several forms of insurance covers, which range from Dental Plans Accepted, Public Health Insurance, to Private Patients Welcome. The clinic is in Sharjah.

+971 65747100

Opening Hours

Mon11:00 –   7:00pm
Tue11:00 –   7:00pm
Wed11:00 –   7:00pm
Thu11:00 –   7:00pm
Sat11:00 –   7:00pm
Sun11:00 –   7:00pm

Al Corneiche Dental Center



United Arab Emirates
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Cosmetic Dentist Consultation